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Alex Pink


About Alex Pink

Alex Pink is an expert in both moving image production and the business of media & entertainment.


Owns a CGI animation studio, and is also executive producing a small slate of feature films and series productions.

Has been successful in raising private equity for startup film franchises at a pre-production valuation over £1.2m.

Offers consultancy on both technical, creative and commercial aspects of media & film production.

What makes Alex Pink unique is his ability to grasp and understand the big picture and the detail of the commercial, technical and creative pillars of the media & entertainment industry.  This depth and breadth of genuine understanding is second to none and an invaluable asset.

Visit Alex's animation studio here:

Current Projects

Alex is currently engaged in:

  • Running, growing & art directing AP•CGI and its studio productions.

  • Executive producing animated feature film World of Mice, in pre-production with lead investment.

  • Producing & Directing an animated short film adaptation of Molly Arbuthnott's Oscar The Ferry Cat.

  • Executive producing a small slate of other feature films and series productions.

  • Available for public speaking; film & TV or entrepreneurial events.

Updated 04 December 2023

Meet Alex Pink...

Historic project reportage spanning more than a decade.

2009 Theatre Work
2021 Automotive Imagery
2022 Arts Council Youth Work


Alex's background is one of arts, business, science & philosophy:

  • Keen interest in science, especially physics, in high school.

  • Acted, stage managed & directed international theatrical productions 2007 - 2012

  • Started first business c. 2004, grew with a Prince's Trust Enterprise loan in 2009 and was a Young Ambassador to the Prince's Trust 2013-14

  • Informally studied Jungian psychology and religious/ cultural phenomenology for last the 8 or so years.

  • Expert in storytelling & audience engagement, theory & practice.

Business Portfolio

AP•CGI - Provides comprehensive CGI services, with an emphasis on film & TV content.

PBPA Ltd - Provides media production consultancy services.

World of Mice Ltd. - Rights holding vehicle for the film franchise, majority owner of subsidiary WOM SLATE 2 Ltd which is a licensee vehicle formed for private equity investment purposes.

Out of Time Ltd. - Rights holding vehicle for the animated film franchise based on the book of the same name by best-selling author Mark Golding.

Alex Pink Videography / Eat Cake Media Ltd. - (Legacy) provided physical filming production services & visual effects.

AlCoub Ltd & other vehicles - Obsolete theatre businesses now closed.

  • Think Creatively

  • Speak Truthfully

  • Act Accordingly

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